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American vision


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Jun 9, 2005
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Just wondering what is happening to our country lately...
wondering if any one is awake so-to-speak! Looks like I found someplace where i am not alone.

wondering if the vote counts anymore, and how long before everything said will be censored...

and alittle scared, as in my back yard this sort of thing happens;

This is the piece I have been emailing and pasting on editorial pages, I know this kids mom, she works with me. He was the target of bullies at school who says wrote a list in his note book and reported it to school authorities. With no history of being trouble, and the school admitting the notebooks are left unattended in classrooms a "kill list", "hit list" takes form of a threat, against society.

Mark admits to a wish list...he admits he wishes his mothers ex-boyfriend who beat her severely was dead...but that's not quite the same as threatening to do it...however, what do you do if you are 14, cut off from every one except the court personel....plead... so you can go home. This is how his nightmare started...

Four Holly High School students report a "kill List" March 16, 2005
List found in notebook, Police search youths home finding no weapons March 22, 2005
Oakland County Prosecutor David Gorcyca issued a petition charging 14 year old Mark O'Berry of White Lake Township with one count of "Threatening Terrorism under the Anti-Terrorism Act. (Felony 20 years)
OBberry was taken into custody and a hearing set for 3/23/2005
Juvenile referee Michael Hand turned down request on bond 3/30/05
He is to be held in Oakland County Childrens Village at the expense of his mother, a pretrial hearing is set for April 12.
April 12, adjourned by mutual agreement of Prosecutor and Defense, due to scheduling conflicts, mother was not informed. New date set for April 21.
Psych exam ordered and expected within the next 30 days. April 21, 2005
Defense claims the prosecutors office has the burden of proof and should do the handwriting analysis as O'Berry denies writing the list.
Mark continues schooling through the Childrens village, making the honor roll.

June 7, 2005 Front page Oakland Press; "Holly High School Freshman...pleaded quilty Monday" "Defense Attorney Ryan Deel praised the Oakland County Prosecutors office for "seeing this case for what it was, essentially doing the right thing" "This is exactly perfect for the outcome" said Deel, "Luckily this isn't going to give him a record" (?)

Are we to believe that this attorney had given the best defense for this 14 year old accused of terrorism and exploited, plastered to the front page of papers in shackles with obvious deliberation to make an example and send a message to youth.

"When it came time to plead, in a soft voice, Mark said ," I wrote a maybe list". When pressed about what that meant, he choked up as he said; I said maybe meant ...kill, I said it to one of my friends.' He did not directly address the kill list in his pleading."

I am left wonder if a 14 year old understood "plead bargain", or if he was given the option of a nolo contendre plea, or for all that matters, what was the result of the handwriting analysis?

And what is the message? That an anonymous "hit list" in someones notebook can be reported by the school, to have someone arrested or apprehended, have the case riddled in the papers by the Prosecutions accusations trying to justify apprehension and detention without probable cause? To have your constitutional rights violated by an anti-terrorist act meant to protect the public? What was the probable cause that leads the reasonable to believe that this young man committed a crime that endangered the public? Defense Attorney Deed admits "this case was not an appropriate use of the law".

I assure the Prosecution that they did not represent all " the people" in this case, and that I would gladly lead a campaign against re-election out of fear of what can happen to our children while we like Ms.O'Berry helplessly watch, and are limited to short bi -weekly scheduled visits, are detached from parental rights, then to be socked with the expense bill of the juvenile facility.

Are we really so ignorant to believe that this is not a part of the boys record? It is his history now! The boy should not bear the shame of a terrorist label through his life. The boy's constitutional rights were violated because of a list written by an unknown author, by courts who no longer have enough sense to discern a terrorist threat, from a school boy hoax, and by the agenda of someones political future being built at the cost of a boys future. Should this have gone any further than a school counselor, instead it goes to a legal counselor?

Lately I have been asked alot, "what would you be willing to give up for protection? "
This is my answer...I have already given up my privacy, but I would not give up the liberties and rights to be added to the damages and be held hostage by the act of organized terrorists. The fore fathers who wrote the Constitution wrote it to protect its citizens from governmental powers becoming too great. The preamble list six important reasons for drafting our Constitution, I strongly advise a review of that document especialy the part that says "We the people.in order to ...secure the blessings of liberty for ourselves and our posterity". My question; What are we allowing to happen to our country?

Sources: Oakland Press, Detroit Free Press, Tina Oberry
Yes, it is very concerning where our great country is heading.

Welcome to Debate Politics!
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