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All Hail Sachin Tendulkar: Indian Hero, Global Icon (1 Viewer)


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Oct 21, 2009
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Very few cricket fans here I bet. People from UK and Australia will know him.
It’s difficult to explain Sachin Tendulkar to Americans. Cricket, the world sport he has dominated for over two decades, is impenetrable to most of the U.S., which clings to its guns and baseball, lamentably insensible to the epic narratives of a five-day Test match and the heroism of a budding centurion at the crease. Elsewhere, Tendulkar, a global icon, needs little introduction. In his native India, he is the “master blaster,” the “god of cricket,” a hero to over a billion people desperately lacking in sporting idols. And, on Oct. 10, following the announcement that he would retire next month after playing in his 200th test match at the age of 40, the tributes poured in from Australia to the U.K.

Read more: All Hail Sachin Tendulkar: Indian Hero, Global Icon | TIME.com
He's had an incredible career. I saw him hit two centuries at the SCG about ten years apart. One was about 245 from memory.

Arguably the greatest batsmen i've ever seen.
glad to see the back of him ;). What a player.

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