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Air Security

I have always felt the proper response to the 9/11 hijackings seemed pretty simple.

Armor and lock the cabin door so the cockpit can't be taken.

Add a layer or two of Kevlar fabric to the flotation seats, turning them into quite effective knife shields that should provide some protection from firearms.

Then let those who are apparently present in most random groups of Americans do the rest.

And if I'm not mistaken there are systems where you would enter a tube, then a blast of air would blow past you and any explosives, etc. would be revealed.

Of course there are other methods to bring down a plane, but this should eliminate much chance of a 9/11 style takeover of a commercial liner.

Every time Al Qaeda sees the latest humiliation Americans are being subjected to there are "high fives" (or the jihadist equivalent) all around. The purpose of terrorism is to force the victims to change their society out of fear. That's how they win.

That's my thought, anyway.
Looking forward to how you tackle the overall subject of Propaganda. It is of utmost importance to me as well...

Good Luck...


Haven't been back since I flubbed the launch.

Gonna try to clean it up and make what I originally intended to be my first entry.

Hope you like what I'm trying to do here.:2wave:
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