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$427 Billion in Debt


Jan 14, 2005
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Can Some one out there Please tell me with a republican President as wll as a republican house ans senate how do we have a $ 427 Billion in debt ?

[B]You must remember that Clinton had a repulicann house and senate !.
And we had a large surplus [/B]
Now with a so called conseritive republican president and a conseritive republican house and senate !. How do we have a $ 427 Billion debt

How many hundreds / thousands story's we all have heard about how our goverment is waisting our money?

Why is it that the Bush white house can not find and stop the waiste?

Yes I know all about 9/11 and Yes I do know all about the war on terror!!!.

However I also know about the tax cut too!

I know that the consertive say giving a tax cut helps jumps start the jobs and is suppossed to put money into our goverment!.

However I have to ask how long is it suppose to take for the tax cut to generate enough money to pay for it's self?

It so easy to say you want to give people a tax cut! Let's face it who
does'nt want a tax cut ?

However the hard thing is where to cut spending and how to find the waiste in goverment
! :applaud

How many 100's of billion's goes to corperate loop holes as well as all the stupid studie's etc etc,etc.,

I hear alot of people say we need a smaller goverment ! This may or not be true !

However I'd like to 1st try cutting waiste getting our goverment to be a lean mean fighting waiste machine!. :applaud

Please excuse spelling and gramer errors

(I have Vauge working on that )


Benevolent Dictator
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May 19, 2004
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Libertarian - Right
Again, your only looking at one side of the picture.

The president gives the budget and congress passes it or not.

It is ultimatly BOTH the congress and president at fault for fiscal issues. Somehow everyone forgets that congress has anything to do with it.


news flash buddy, we are at war and war is expensive

prieviously when the country went to war we cut spending in other areas this is what it is hurting us there is a thing called "pork barrel" this is when congress does special interest spending to attract votes if we cut the pork the deficit would drop dramaticly
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