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2016: Obama's America (1 Viewer)

2016: Obama's America is the latest foray by conservatives into political film making, an art that Michael Moore used with some success earlier.

The movie is all about Obama's relationship with his father, a guy he really hardly knew. His father was an anti-colonialist, and Obama's first book, "Dreams of My Father", was all about how he came to be obsessed by his father's ideas. All through the movie Obama himself his heard quoting passages from this book (taken from the audio version of the book) to support what the movie is saying. The movie follows Obama's book and amplifies what the book is saying, putting it in what D'Souza thinks is the proper context.

Anti-colonialism is the dominant ideology of the third world. It's the idea that rich countries colonialized and stole from poor countries in order to get rich. So right there you have the idea that wealth is unearned and that the poor should have the right to take it back, not just domestically but internationally. According to D'Souza, this idea is what drives Obama.

Key to all of this is the idea that the colonialists are no longer the Europeans, that America has taken over the role of chief colonialist power even if America has no colonies. Instead, America uses its might and money to control other countries. The goal of anti-colonialists is to remove American power and influence from the world and to force America to give back what it has "stolen." Obama, the movie is saying, wants to "down size" America. D'Souza says that this is what is behind much of what Obama has done since taking office. Whether we are talking about cutting military spending, driving the US economy into debt, hamstringing the American economy with excessive regulations, especially environmental regulations, proposing a carbon tax, it's all about reducing the American footprint in the world in any way possible.

The dream of the American forefathers was that America stood for democracy and liberty and to promote those things American influnce should grow. The dream that Obama's father gave Obama was that America should shrink and its power and influence should be destroyed. The movie contrasts these two visions of America.
LowDown, I appreciate your fair, though reserved, review of "2016...". It is unfortunate that D'Souza is preaching to the choir as I suspect that most of our left leaning citizens would not even step in the theater for fear that it would contaminate their opinion of the "chosen one".

A key point about this movie is that Barack did not need to have a personel relationship with his father. Barack's mother revered his father (in spite of his daliences) and did everything she could to make sure Barack was exposed to the anti-colonialism mentality. She sent him back to Hawaii to live with his paternal grand-parents who were of like mind. (Sorry "birthers" D'Suoza really is trying to be objective and mentions that Barack was "born in Hawaii" and this was "reported in two local papers" at the time.) Barack was mentored by Frank Marshall Davis as a teen ager. Davis was a card carrying communist (D'Suoza shows us the actual card #47544) who was investigated by the House Un-american Activities Committee in 1951. Obama mentions "Frank" many times in "Dreams of My Father" and, though he avoids using his full name, the association has been well established. His subsequent association with Bill Ayers, et. al. is also well established. D'Souza makes a valid point that we are what we learn. Obama's actions during his political career and as a community organizer reinforce that he is what he learned. The movie ends with "LOVE HIM. HATE HIM. NOW YOU KNOW HIM." See the movie so you can "KNOW HIM."

"Only in America does "Healthcare Reform" mean adding 16,500 IRS agents to decide who gets fined"
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