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    Does the Death Penalty Teach Vengence and Violence?

    Good point. Even if the sucker gets life, he can always be retried. The death penalty may put a damper on that option. Undisputable murderer psychopaths though, I think its just they be eliminated. How can a people respect its justice system if it lets the undisputed lunatics killers live?
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    Economics of the Death Penalty

    Just type in "cost of death penalty vs life in prison" in google.com You get alot of stuff and most of its points the DP being more expensive than life in prison (because of appeals, yes) and that capital punishment is not an effective deterrent to crime.
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    Why do people reply to this crap? You don't engage those lunatics with the megaphones on street corners do you?
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    Parental notification

    If abortion were only a medical procedure, then people wouldn't be making such a big stink about it.
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    Parental notification

    No, the whole "We'll tell your parents" is just a scare tactic. How is parental notification fruitful? If the gal doesn't communicate with her parents about that stuff already, how is forced communication gonna help?
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    Banning Abortion: Does It Make Sense?

    I don't see what the big deal is. People die every day. Death is necessary, albeit sometimes premature, but its part of our life cycle. I've got a bigger issue with suffering. I hear at a certain stage of development within the womb, abortion is actually painful for the unborn. Is there any...
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    Parental notification

    Get off your couch then.
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    Parental notification

    Abortion is pretty much "I don't want the baby" and no questions asked right? How could they ask questions... It doesn't seem right. How do you tell if a young woman is being pressured into it, or afraid of admitting that she has been sexually abused? I guess there can be hidden crimes behind...
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    Parental notification

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    strip her, control her, violate her everything...

    Why should she go and abort the infant without telling her husband? Its all circumstantial, there could be many reasons. If you are suggesting that is ought to MANDATORY for the father to be notified, then I disagree. The real father's involvement is determined by the mother. Human history...
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    Parental notification

    LOL No, I just have a short memory.
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    Parental notification

    Against. Forces family communication when there is much communication already. Its condescending and an invasion of privacy for both mother and family. If if the proposition passed, abortions would still continue as organizations would pop up servicing young women who need help getting to...
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    strip her, control her, violate her everything...

    Certainly no constitutional right. I don't think men should have a right to know. Fatherhood is a priviledge bestowed upon a man by the mother and the mother determines the fathers involvement if any. Of course this merely my opinion, but with such controversial moral issues I think there is...
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    Problems with education system

    We're not on the same page about sports. I'm meant to say PE classes, not jock sports. I am not a proponent of traditional school team sports where, you of course are right, only a few get to play. Did you ever play sports in middleschool or highschool or take PE lessons like dance or...
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    Who REALLY Represents The Little Guy?

    Aqua, Ding ding ding, we have liberal? Don't you think there are better things to do than pidgeonholing people and then making up stupid crap about their political leanings as you perceive them?
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