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  • Thank you for the "like". I am giving up on the pro-union and huge nanny state loons, as they scare me with their "logic".
    I just saw your post about images. There is an icon right above the text box. It's the second one from the most right, not the filmstrip looking one, but next to that. I think it's supposed to look like a picture frame. Anyway, click it. A popup opens. You can chose an image from your computer, or click on URL and paste the location of the picture on the web. There is a list of which kinds of images .gif. jpg. etc...you can post.

    After pasting, be sure to unclick the little box that says something about locating and referencing. It will 9 times out of 10 deny your image.

    I hope this helps! :) If you someone else hasn't already. :)
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