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    Why the proper use of Death Penalty is good

    Prove to me it is cheaper to feed them for life. My other pet peeve is they should have an opportunity for three (3) appeals in 18 months and if NOT reversed the execution should be carried out.
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    Why the proper use of Death Penalty is good

    :roll: Well folks, face the fact. An executed, proven, convicted killer, rapist, child molester, will never have that opportunity again because some liberal judge thought his life sentence was too much or that he had been a 'model' prisoner. All you critics of the death penalty, what is your...
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    Why the proper use of Death Penalty is good

    It is a punishment! It was never designed to rehabilitate or send a message to others that it could happen to them too if they screwed up. I believe the term was detterent. Even though it was NOT designed to be it definitely has deterred those that have been executed. They have not brutally...
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    Why did Kerry loose the election?

    Simple answer The American voters DID understand his message and they rejected it. This is NOT rocket science we are dealing with here. :2wave:
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    This is a great place to post

    :lol: here is another nice NEW place
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    Breast Implants: Government Is Everywhere!

    Seriously I heard this on the news. :lol: "Congress said this should be a 'hands on' investigation." I have to believe the reporter knew what they were saying. Thought it was funny. :2wave:
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    Well lookee here! Not just a Delay deal

    :lol: Lawmakers with relatives on their congressional or campaign staffs include: _ House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, R-Texas: Wife and daughter were paid more than $500,000 since 2001 for working for DeLay's campaign and political action committees. _ Connecticut Democratic Sen. Joe...
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    Media Bias and Mis-information

    A different point of view I think it is pretty known the Big 3 networks are dying. Someone earlier wrote they have more commercials and less in-depth coverage. That is true and that mean Less Liberal News also. The Big 3 have gone to a lot of 'fluff' reporting instead of 'hard news. When I...
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    Can you believe this stinking economy? Read this

    :rolleyes: WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. economy ended 2004 with brisk momentum on the strongest surge of corporate profits in three years, the government reported on Wednesday, though there were signs that price pressures might be picking up. Gross domestic product, which measures total...
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    Is FOXNEWS fair and balanced?

    You manage to prove over and over and over again you have no FACTS to back up your statement that Fox News LIES. Pitiful, pitiful name calling and nothing else. And by the way your fancy talk does not impress anyone but your self. For you to take effective 'shots' at me like "grow up', will...
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    Is FOXNEWS fair and balanced?

    The above two posts illustrates the negativity and ludicrous thinking that has captured some minds. Churchill said it best: If you are young and are not liberal you have no heart, if you are old are not conservative you have no brain.
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    Time to LIST the Fox lies - Be Specific

    Several have made allegations about Fox News lies. Please list and then compare those to the Dan Rather story for accuracy as a point of reference. I will be waiting and watching for those SPECIFIC lies you keep referring to. Here is a chance to change a mind by FACTS, undeniable FACTS that...
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    Is FOXNEWS fair and balanced?

    Please list the FOX lies! Be Specific
  14. J

    Is FOXNEWS fair and balanced?

    Tim Russert Ted Kopel , Peter Jennings , Walter Cronkite , David Brinkly REAL NEWS MEN - All have been on the Clinton Yacht at one time or another. True NEWSMEN. All you mentioned are LIBERALS to the very BONE.
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    Is FOXNEWS fair and balanced?

    You would think the other networks would figure out why FOX NEWS continues to GAIN in the ratings while they lose their proverbial butts in the ratings race. When you have BLATANT liberals like Alan Combs, Juan Williams, Mort Kondrake, Maria Elias, Greta Van Sustran and balance them with Sean...
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