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  • Hudson. That's near Z. Hills isn't it?

    I grew up living on Hwy 301, a little south of Hillsboro River State Park.

    Your a decent guy DeeJayH im not saying otherwise. I know you got fustrated its cool so did i. It does get boring after a while with no points, agreed :p
    I think the part where you said you wanted to piss on Laila got you the infractions though rofl!

    Lucky you got thread banned, seriously. I just get endless subscription alerts on the thread now, i think Laila and Scorpion are debating the intelligent levels of Mr Bush, not too sure there debating about something. Anyway, take care.
    Why? You should complain. The mod clearly stated that "anymore personal attacks and its an infraction and a thread ban". From what i can remember you didnt attack anybody personally after the mod posted that. Even so, if your the only one to get thread banned out of everybody who recieved infractions, then thats unfiar treatment and NOT what the mod said.
    me last night with Laila. but looks like was only one to get thread banned.
    didn't you notice how i 'stopped responding, and got 6 points (which i take in stride)
    while i am not as militant as some pro-lifers, the callousness of using abortion as a plan for birth control is so disgusting to me. i get why some would resort to it, while not agreeing with it, but the utter irresponsibility of creating a life just because you can 'scrape it off' later is appalling. But dont worry. I have thick skin. I was more upset that you didnt get my jokes in the other thread
    Hey your first message. I am sorry i disgusted you with that abortion comment but it is true.
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