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World Muslim City


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Aug 12, 2015
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Imagine Disneyland with a focus on Islam and communism. That’s the plan for World Muslim City, a new billion-dollar theme park being built by the Chinese government in an effort to make the world a little smaller.

Despite China’s controversial treatment of its Uighur Muslim minority, who were banned from fasting during Ramadan last year, Chinese authorities are attempting to capitalize on the global Muslim market with the latest project.

Women will have the option to wear traditional clothing and visitors are required to remove their shoes inside the “Golden Palace.”

Breaking ground last year in the small northern city of Yinchuan, construction of the “World Muslim City” will take eight years to complete at a cost of almost US$4 billion, according to the China Daily.

Ningxia is also home to Mandarin-speaking Hui Muslims who have ethnic origins in the Han majority of the country and are therefore regarded as more integrated into society over Uighurs.

No expense will be spared to build a new terminal in Yinchuan Hedong International Airport in preparation for direct flights from Amman and Kuala Lumpur.

The park has garnered little interest from the Arab world and that could be because of China’s oppression of Muslims, an image the communist country is attempting to change.

I cant wait too go :lol:

Just what China needed, more empty amusement parks.
At least you won't have to deal with long lines. :lamo
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