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Mar 29, 2013
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I just hit my target weight yesterday! Did it with Keto and indoor walk/dancercise.

Now.....I'm gonna try push the envelope! Going for how I weighed in my university days!


Personally, I found that the "secret" is to cut back on / eliminate the sweets (ice cream, baked goods, candy, soda, etc.) and the pounds will melt off.

Good luck.
  1. Congrats on achieving your goal.
  2. I've never quite understood/related to the weight-based approach to fitness.
    • I've only ever used "what it looks like" (looks like a fitness model when naked, or nearly so, aka "looks good naked") and what I feel like (feel great and reading to run a country mile at a moment's notice) goals.
    • I do realize weight-based goals can achieve the same ends.

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