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Woodwalton - Anti-Terror Laws Misused To Protect Informer


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Jul 28, 2010
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Woodwalton residents have been tricked into covering up for a police informer who regularly organizes attacks on innocent people.

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As part of 'The War On Terror', a police informer is being protected by the U.K. police and The Home Office. His arrangement with the British Government is that he will be allowed to carry out assaults on vulnerable people, in return for information stolen from private internet accounts, mobile phones and 24/7 surveillance.

The Government made the same mistake with this man in 1999 and hundreds of people were killed and injured in a botched 'honeytrap' operation. There was an immediate cover-up involving the police and senior ministers. Now they are risking people's lives again.

Villagers of Woodwalton, a tiny hamlet in Cambridgeshire, England, have been lied to and are unwittingly helping a manipulative criminal to protect his gang of thugs.
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