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Wimpy widdle Twump


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Aug 25, 2016
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Port Hadlock, WA
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Republicans with the DELUSION that TRump has brought America any respect are laughable! North Korea continues their missile programs, Turkey ignores sanctions. Macron rebukes him and his nationalism. Saudi Arabia kills journalist US residents with impunity. Wake the hell up, TRump on the world stage is a joke! Obama was a tough guy comparitively.:lamo

And now he needs time from his YUGE 3-4 hour work days to sulk about losing an election and not being able to bask in the adoration of the dumbass rallies he holds. The only thing more sad and pathetic than TRump is the way some of you folks worship the orange fool. If you had any idea how dumb it looks. You can also say what you will about racism, but at least, by supporting this guy and his rhetoric, you're validating racists just like TRump does. This won't end well for you and history will not look kindly on this dark chapter in idiocracy.:roll:
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