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William Randolph Hearst is alive and well in America


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Jul 11, 2016
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William Randolph Hearst is alive and well in America

Or at least his journalistic philosophy is still going strong. They say he basically pushed the American public into demanding the Spanish American war. The battleship Maine blew up in the Havana Harbor and presto we were at war even though there was NEVER any real indication that the Spanish were in any way involved. Hearst just needed something to increase the sales of his papers. YELLOW Journalism is not what the Freedom of the press is protected for!!!!

As near as I can tell the current news media today is doing the same thing all over again. They are badly misrepresenting the facts over and over making the tensions and misdeeds of almost everyone look worse than they are mostly with outright lies.

Quick example... After the guy was shot in Ferguson the media almost totally interviewed and reported based on statements by the protestors. The entire “He had his hands up and was trying to surrender!” story was based on what the protestors were saying. NONE of whom were there at the time when it happened. The actual witnesses were never interviewed. When it came down to trying to do something with the poor cop, the prosecutor found t hat the people that were actually THERE told a totally different story than those that the media was quoting. When these people were questioned by the cops it was found that none of them saw ANYTHING because they weren't even in the area.

The FACT is that the number of black people shot by cops isn't rising at all and the FACT is that black cops seem to be more likely to shoot a black person than a white cop is. It is also a FACT that the stupid rioters do NOT represent the attitudes of the black community. Most black people are not out there rioting and in FACT many went out during the riots and protected their non-black neighbors and businesses or in one case formed a LINE between the cops and the protestors protecting the cops from thrown missiles.

We don't need the media to turn EVERY person that the cops shoot into a racial deal. They only do it when a black person is shot. They even make it a racial thing when the cops that do it are black. They just fail to mention this in the reports where if the cop is white they ALWAYS make sure they tell you that.

The guy that got shot in Houston was NOT in any way a national story. A crazy man had a gun. The police showed up and told him to put the gun down. The guy instead pointed it at the cop and the cop shot him. There is/was no racial issue here. If you point a gun at a cop he has no time and no responsibility to let the guy shoot him. End of story. Only fit fir local news in Houston NOT an international incident!

The Front Page of the New York Post the next day was CIVIL WAR in huge print. I think that is what they want. Most cops are pretty decent people. Nearly all black folks are good people as are most white, brown, red yellow and purple people. Sadly the good people don't get heard from in the media very often.

Even sadder our government doesn't seem to be interested in the good people much either. The criminals have all the rights and the victims just get forgotten. In the City of Chicago a black person shoots and kills another black person every 14 hours. EVERY DAY EVERY WEEK, MONTH AND YEAR...but let a criminal get shot and it is treated like some god awful thing. The entire nation is thrown into turmoil. Why doesn't anyone in the media care about the thousands of victims? Every time something happens the response is only directed at further infringing on the rights of good people. Why can't they ever go after the criminals instead???
Well you've made a number of points and while I might agree with some, I also expect you to be challenged on several of them.

Mind if I make a couple of suggestions for future posts?

First, I'd like to suggest you speak in specifics, and when you cite "FACTS" maybe provide links to data that support your position.

Second, I'd also suggest that when you refer to specific shooting incidents you use a name rather than "that guy in Houston" so we know which guy you are actually referring to.

Just a suggestion. :shrug:
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Most of my FACTS come from a government issued book??? called A Statistical Abstract of America that is a gathering of data gathered by all of the many various government agencies. It is HUGE and for weird people like me it is fascinating reading.

You tell me the guys name based on the article.

Houston police shoot dead a black man pointing gun in street | Reuters

I found another article that gave his name. Personally I didn't/don't care what his name is/was. But just for you it is/was Alva Braziel

Two Houston police officers killed a black man who refused to lower his pointed gun at them — Quartz

The point is that this was not a racial incident. It was a simple case of if you point a gun at a cop he or at other innocent citizens you should be shot if in the minds of the officers on site there is even a slight likelihood that the gun will be fired. Also in this case as in so many the two officers in this case were NOT white, rather they were Hispanic. The thing about all this minority crud is that it is all a created farce. We are ALL as individuals minorities of one.

To me if the most important thing that you feel about yourself is your skin color you are a very limited person. If someone does something rude to me I don't assume that they are doing it because of my skin color, or because I am tall(6' 2")or big (245), or a Texan (5th generation) or because of my religion (Jesuit Pagan) or hair color, length or style. I assume they are rude because they are asshats. Like everyone that is remotely normal I have prejudices. Prejudice is a positive emotion that means that you tend to like what is familiar and often more like you. For example if I am watching a sporting even between two or more athletes I will most likely...nearly always be most likely for someone from Texas than someone from somewhere else. Skin color would have no effect in this case because that is a smaller thing of much less importance. My choice is based of LIKES based on assumptions based on personal experience. Bigotry is nearly always based on ignorance based on various untruths or maybe truths about individuals then used to define an entire group.

The people killed in Orlando were first and MOST importantly innocent American citizens that were killed because of bigotry. The five cops, also innocent Americans, that were killed were doing their jobs protecting citizens when they were killed by bigotry. The media constantly encourages bigotry by breaking us up into smaller and smaller groups. They encourage the US versus THEM mentality by defining us individually into small unimportant groupings.

The cop versus black thing is an idiotic lie in most cases. For one thing a lot of the cops ARE black but most importantly more of them are good people. The people that they are shooting are almost always NOT good people. The guy that the cops killed in Baton Rouge (You look his name up I don't care) had pointed a gun at another person and that person called the police. He was a criminal with a rap sheet as long as my leg.

Alton Sterling Arrest Record, Criminal History & Rap Sheet [DOCUMENTS] | Heavy.com

He was a convicted felon and sex offender that shouldn't have had a gun and had been caught before as a felon in possession of a fire arm. That shows you how effective laws are for keeping guns out of the hands of criminals. ANYWAY, the issue wasn't a cops versus black man it was a good versus bad cop versus criminal, protectors of the innocent versus person that wishes to harm the innocent action!!!

United we are the Greatest Country on Earth...Divided we will become just another war torn cesspool. The media seems to want more violence so they can make more money and have more power. WE the people of The United States of American need to come TOGETHER and better redefine for ourselves who is US and who really is THEM that want to drag US down.
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