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Will Hamas Become A New Target?



Will Bush and Co. shift focus to/add the Hamas government in the Gaza Strip to the War on Terror? Dispatch troops and all?

I don't think he will. We're too busy in Iraq for that now, or the American people will really start to get fed up with our war hungriness. But, if Hamas makes any sudden moves, then Israel marches into Gaza, then the Middle Eastern nations unite against Israel, then we'd come in and help out Israel - before you know it....better not to think about it.

What do you think?
First, before anything else, Fatah and Hamas have to duke it out to decide who is the alpha organization. My guess is that the next sounds you hear will be the sounds of gunfire as the battle between Hamas and Fatah cranks up. After the bloodletting, we'll see how the survivor wants to play with the rest of the world.
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