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Why Western elites now can’t resist conspiracy theories​ (1 Viewer)


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Jan 29, 2015
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Why Western elites now can’t resist conspiracy theories​​

I was born into a nation of conspiracy-mongers. For all their many admirable qualities, Iranians have a penchant for explaining the world through conspiracy theories, a talent for discovering a hidden hand — usually a Jewish or American one — behind every national setback and personal mishap.... Now I’m afraid that the West has succumbed to the same fever.... Only in the West these days, the hidden hand is usually a Russian one. And unlike in the Muslim world, where it’s typically the man on the street who suspects elites of serving nefarious foreigners, in the West, it’s the reverse: Many elites imagine that the common people, vast swaths of their own populations, are Kremlin agents.... The latest symptom of this elite mania appeared in France, where authorities blame Russian cyber operations for the mass protests that have erupted across the country. “There has been some suspect activity,” a French official told The Wall Street Journal. “We are in the process of looking at the impact.”... Liberals would do better to listen to the angry cries of voters and left-behinds rather than pretending that they act under Moscow’s spell — or worse, treating them as pathological bigots whose online speech needs to be closely monitored and curtailed, lest it spread the pro-Russian germ to others. That elite attitude is far more likely to widen social divisions than any meme produced in a troll farm on the outskirts of St. Petersburg.

One has to ponder about where all these anti Russian elites during the Cold War beginning with Joe McCarthy? In fact the same group were busy protesting Reagan's defense build up and tactical nuke deployment in Germany.
People don’t like to be wrong even when they are. So they make up whatever story they need to justify themselves. They cherry pick evidence which supports their chosen conclusion, and ignore everything else. So it’s easy to believe the moon landings were faked, Oswald was not the lone shooter of JFK for example, if you only believe what you want to believe. They call themselves “Truth Seekers”. Whenever I hear that phrase, I know they’re delusional.
There still isn't definitive proof of Russian Collusion with Trump. Hypocrisy and double standards all the way around. In sum, elites have been accusing others of collusion with Russia is simply a case of Progressive Leftist projection.
Factually, for years, the Progressive Marxist Socialist/DSA Left pretty much thought Russians were great until Donald Trump made a 'Joke' about how maybe the Russians could find Hillary’s missing emails on her unprotected server.
It continues to amaze many that this entire Russian thing was launched by an offhand joke. It’s easier for the PMS/DSA Left to think Russia somehow “colluded” with Trump than it is for them to realize that the majority of Americans really don’t like Hillary Clinton.
IMHO, we've had years of multi-million-dollar “investigation” seeking to find any slim scrap of evidence that the PMS/SDA might somehow be right about “Russian Collusion.” It’s the Left's political equivalent of a temper tantrum thrown by a stubborn three-year-old.
I think the elites know the a large % of the population are idiots. Lets look at Pizzagate, an absurd theory that certainly had a sizable number of people believing it. From birtherism, to trutherism, to chem trails, the amount of people who are easily conned into following absolutely idiotic things, leaves those same people open to influence by foreign or domestic actors seeking to skew electoral results

So yes, Russia spent money on the election in 2016, and yes it will have had an effect.

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