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Why the legislature should vote on the House bill and send it to Trump!


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Nov 10, 2016
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It is simple, if for any reason Trump gets the 5.6 billion he wants to start the wall it will not be the end. Once he sees that the legislative branch will give in for 5.6 billion now, when that is spent on build a partial wall, he will want 5 billion more over and over again until his wall is built. If not we will once again have more and more government shutdowns until he gets his way. And the stupid wall will be there as a sign of how stupid Trump, the GOP and the American people are and the whole world will again be laughing at us. So by passing this bill and forcing him to sign for it by making it veto proof, it will open up a major part of the government and force both parties back from the brink and make them negotiate.
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