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Why should I stay in Iraq?! I want to be home!


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Jul 5, 2005
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tecoyah said:
I fully agree each president is required to repair damages done by those that came before them...its part of the Job, and reality. Bit even you guys have to agree that between the Highest deficit in history, the ongoing warfare, and the likelyhood of further military commitments (primarily due to failed foreign policy), whoever takes over for Bush.....will have a far more difficult task than he did.
I disliked Clinton, and in fact was republican during his presidency....but Damn....this is freakin' rediculous. Just reading what you guys write, in support of this guy....reminds me why I no longer accept the term....Republican , for myself.
And everything you've just stated referring to foreign policy is a direct result of "He Whom Shall Not Be Blamed"...Bush is in this mess because of his predecessor...

He could've easily passed the buck to the next person when it comes to weak Middle Eastern foreign policy, just as the last four Presidents before him have done...He could've treated all events like criminal cases and refused to take a stand, as unpopular as its been, without risking looking bad...

But as I've always said...I'd rather have my President do whats right instead of doing whats popular...I think most are smart enough to realize that sometimes they just aren't the same thing...
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