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why Obama had to make that quite challenging decision to withdraw our troops from Ira (1 Viewer)


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Mar 30, 2010
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I guess now why Obama had to make that quite challenging decision to withdraw our troops from Iraq. Perhaps he may well have to do same thing in Afghanistan soon. Matter of fact corruption among our military of high rank has reached its acme! The guys have gone absolutely beyond the limit making their combat on terrorism sort of lucrative business.
Are you in the know how is the safety of armaments and food supplies being secured by them in Afghanistan? Some money was just pickipocketed by our military and some … they just used to pass to Talib warlords to guarantee safe transit via territories under their control. Smart going it is to make the best of both worlds! Though here it’s not just completely the case. Actually our warriors in Afghanistan sponsored Taliban prolonging war in which young Americans keep dying. Islamic radical fanatics must have used the money to get most sophisticated weapons (not just useless gadgets) and conduct some evil missions. And our allies percept that style of our military in Afghanistan as mere betrayal. They have every ground to think so imo.

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