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Why JFK's casket stayed closed (1 Viewer)


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Mar 25, 2010
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I'm watching this right now and I'm finding it fascinating. I didn't know a lot of it either.
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Not sure why the link isn’t working. It’s on YouTube if anyone wants to watch.

Video unavailable.

Isn't it probably because he had a huge hole in his head?

Well, yes. But she goes into a lot of detail of what exactly happened that day with the body of the president, the casket, what was happening in the culture with funerals and burials. Very interesting, I think.
You don't need to watch a 40min YouTube clip to know why. Just watch 10 sec of the Zapruder film. Then, the reason for the closed casket will become painfully evident.

Don’t watch it, then. Some of us might be interested in all of the details. You aren’t? Fine. 🤷
Couldn't find the right tie.
I just watched it. It was really well researched and presented.
Actually, the answer for this should be completely obvious.

How many viewings of US presidents have been "open casket"?

I can give you a simple answer. Tradition.

I just finished going through a lot of historical photos. And the last US President that I could find that had an "open casket" funeral was Calvin Coolidge, in 1933. Every single President after that had a "Closed Casket" funeral, with a US flag draped over it.


So that should put all of this to rest. That is now an almost 100 year old tradition, and I doubt that any future President will have an "open casket".

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