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Who killed Marilyn Monroe?



I just finished reading an article on Marilyn's death (this month's Playboy mag...which also has a great interview with Pacino and another good read on Super Bowl tix bookies.) I'm not an expert (although I admit to being a Forensic Files junkie), there were a few points that the article brought up that really make me wonder how it could have been classified as an "apparent suicide" and not further investigated as a murder. Though this might be fun to discuss...as I'm sure everyone has an opinion on theory. Feel free to add your thoughts:

1) Her house was completely bugged, under 24/7 surveillance from all sorts of people (FBI, CIA, Hoffa, etc.) So how could no one have heard, or even better, had a tape of what happened that night?

2) The autopsy report was compromised, with a majority of the substances reported "missing"...including that from her stomach (her death, they say, was caused from taking 30-40 pills...but how could that be confirmed without proper testing?)

3) She was planning to re-marry Joe DiMaggio (according to his niece), so the idea of killing herself (and not really leaving a note, or calling him) doesn’t seem to really make sense to me.

My theory is that Frank sinnatra had her killed by the mob because he couldn,t cope with the fact that she was going to marry Demaggio plus she had a hell of a lot of inside information on sinnatras involvment with the mob.
It's been widely rumored that she was boinking both Bobby and Jack Kennedy, and seeing how the Kennedy Clan is a "fine family" of individuals, it's not too hard to figure out who murdered her.

Just do a few in depth searches for Kennedy, Smith and Skakel and you'll see why I have no sympathy for the "tragedies" this family has "endured".

From Joe "The Bootlegger" Kennedy who graciously had his own daughter lobotomized (Rose), then bought his son Jack, a Presidency (closest victory in history).

Then Jack "The Womanizer" Kennedy, AKA JFK, makes Clinton look
like a virgin.He totally screws over our intelligence community, the Anti-Castro Cubans and turns his brother Bobby loose on the Mob, which gave him the labor vote he needed to STEAL the 1960 election.

Enter Robert "The Hypocrite" Kennedy, who is appointed Attorney General (Are you kidding me?) and his first order of business (after boinking Marilyn) is to go after the mob!

Now Teddy boy, gets caught cheating on a Spanish test at Harvard, is booted out of Harvard, fails his bar exam, kills Mary Jo Kapechne and now sits on the Senate Ethics Committee.

William Kennedy Smith, acquitted of raping a woman at the Kennedy Compound in Florida.The woman was totally hosed by the press, which probably made millions of women afraid to ever come forward after being raped by someone of power and privilege.

Michael Skakel, beat Martha Moxley to death with a golf club.I was her age and remember it making headline news.I've followed this story for 27 years and AandE has a good documentary on it.

Why people hold the Kennedy Family in such high regard is beyond me.

So who killed Marilyn Monroe?.....lol.....
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