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Where is this country going?

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Sep 6, 2005
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I caught some of the news and saw that a federal judge says they cannot say the pledge in schools in east Cali. anymore. Why? Because they have the words under god in it. I watched for a few more minutes and they showed people in Houston fighting in front of a school about what I still don't know. A spokesman for the Nation of Islam was answering questions about it or I should say dodging questions. When asked what they were fighting over all he would do is say one group sees the evacuees getting things and the other group is jealous about it. What he said at least three times is what got me and that is the Nation of Islam is going into the schools and will take care of this problem. Is it just me are is this not a double standard. We have people attacking god everywhere(schools, courthouses, and anywhere public gathers) but the Nation of Islam is going to go into schools and no one is saying jack about it. Where is the ACLU? They attack everything else. I don't want the Nation of Islam in any school where my child is do you? I just don't understand the direction this country is going except that I feel very uncomfortable when I see god attacked constantly and now I see Islam working with impunity.
You don't want Islam in your schools but you don't mind having Christianity there? Your prejudice is showing.
Call it what you want, I know they don't preach to kill people in our churches but Islam seems to have a number of jihad loving people. I go to church when I can but this is not usually a topic I speak out about very much as I think your religion is your business. I do know we are fighting with fanatics who says this religion tells them to kill the infidel. I am saying if you fight against one to be there keep the other out of school as well.
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