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Where is Joe Biden?


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Sep 28, 2018
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Joe Biden expects to get elected by staying out of sight and trying to minimize his gaffes. He doesn't want to take questions and prefers to do pretaped speeches and a few questions read from teleprompters.
The press continues to report in a biased fashion, with its June 1 to July 30th nightly news stories being distributed thus;
634 negative and 34 positive statements about Donald Trump.
4 negative and 8 positive statements about Joe Biden.

The polls have recently tightened in battle ground states and now look like a dead heat when considering the margin of error in most polls. So Joe has emerged a little bit. But is Joe going to campaign and take questions that are not pre submitted to his staff for clearance as he did in his first presser out of the basement?

Does Joe plan to govern from the bunker in the White House?
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