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When will we truly do unto others, the way we would like others to do unto us?


Dec 17, 2004
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The Washington state election saga continues, with no one displaying any true principle.

Now, some may argue that this is how the system should work. Both sides take a look at the facts, the law, and all of the available arguments, and then pursue whatever case they decide will benefit them the most. During this process, partisans from both sides naturally begin to highlight and/or distort the evidence in order to seek an advantage. This whole battle is denigrating the integrity not only of our system of laws, but also the character of both sides. A country that is founded on the rule of law is dependent on an education and morality of the participants to desire justice even to their detriment. Though this is difficult to maintain, it has perserved enough, to produce the greatest country ever.

It is important that Democrats who have seemingly finally found the winning side of an election dispute rise above the short-term goals of holding a governor's seat, and think broadly both for our party and the country.

First, a political reality is developing where Democrats are in the minority in very many important places around the country. The Texas state Legislature just by itself dealt serious blows to the National Democratic Party in 2004 with redistricting and the resultant court victories. The enormous power that resides with elected officials will institutionalize this election-warfare to our detriment if we aren't careful. If Democrats sanction win-at-all-costs election battles, inevitably we will lose many if not most of them simply because of GOP dominance around the country. This is especially true given all of the judicial appointments that Republican governors, and Presidents have gotten to make.

Yet, we should act on principle. For instance, if it is true that many illegal votes were tallied, and the amount could have potentially affected the outcome of the election, we should acknowledge it, and pledge to do whatever is best for the Washington State voters. We need to start more civil processes outside of the court system, where people of good will are able to voluntarily make fair deals without the restrictions and problems that come with a court appearance.

Here's what should be done:

The new Governor should appoint an independent commission of professionals to survey the problems, and reccomend a final solution within a three week period. Every possible option should be scrutinized including a re-vote. The Governor should commit herself to following these reccommendations even to her short-term disadvantage.

If in the end, she loses this seat, she will have made a name for herself, not only statewide, but nationwide, and surely will win the next important race should she choose to run. This with the added bonus, of having done the right thing.

If she wins again, it will have increased her legitimacy, and given her and the voters a better chance at having good government.

Craig Farmer
making the word "liberal" safe again
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