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What US party is called the Defeatist party? (1 Viewer)

What US party is known as the Defeatist Party?

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You may want to to read and answer the following questions before taking the poll.

1. What party was in power when the East Block countries were handed over to the USSR?

2. What party was in power when McArthur was fired while he was fighting Red Chinese in North Korea?

3. What party was in power when China was lost?

4. What party got the US haphazardly into the VN War?

5. What party was in power when we built up forces in RVN and pushed aside the local ARVN army?

6. What party handed Nixon’s WIN in SVN over to the communists via a Congress that kept cutting funds to RVN--while the USSR and Red China rebuilt a destroyed NVN army?

7. What party was in power and let UBL go?

8. What party gives aid and comfort to the enemy in the War on Terror with anti-US statements from people like Dick Durbin who compared our troops to Pol Pot and the Nazis? Like Kerry who said US forces terrorize Iraqis?

9. What party wants to prevent wire taps to catch terrorists?

10. What party is holding

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