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What the Episode at the Lincoln Memorial Teaches Us About the Media Standards​ (1 Viewer)


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Jan 29, 2015
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What the Episode at the Lincoln Memorial Teaches Us About the Media Standards​​

By Ken Blackwell ~~ Nick Sandmann and some of his Covington Catholic High School classmates suddenly find themselves in a world of death threats, media smears, and pure vitriolic hate—all over something that they didn’t even do. All because major media outlets saw a story that confirmed their worst suspicions about Trump supporters, Catholic-school students, and pro-life advocates—a story that was too good to fact-check and they just couldn’t help themselves. The episode was supposed to teach us a lesson about bigotry on the right. Instead, it’s confirming our worst suspicions about the current media landscape. The first video released of the confrontation at the Lincoln Center... When subsequent videos contradicted the media narrative, outlets with any semblance of integrity updated or recanted their first stories and reactions.
These tactics by the left and its media partners are part of their strategy to emphasize identity politics. Make no mistake: today, identity politics isn’t only about helping minorities—it’s about demonstrating bigotry and expressing hateful rhetoric against white people, and white conservative men in particular. Identity politics is a dangerous and gross mischaracterization of racial equality and leads only down paths of bigotry.... The Covington student’s lives have changed forever. Undoubtedly, many in the media and individuals online will continue trying to make life as hard as possible for them. Despite the exoneration, they’re still conservative and Christian, so the media will always be willing to interpret their behavior based on incomplete evidence and in the worst possible light.

It's all part of a tried and true pattern of Progress Marxist Socialist Leftist scapegoating of their enemies. The MSM is a willing collaborator and partner.
During the attempted electronic lynching of the Covington Catholic high school boys on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, the mask hiding the Left’s genocidal rage slipped and was made momentarily visible. Certainly, it can be boiled down to this, it stems from the hateful undying desire to signal their Elitist Marxist Masters.
This storm of Socially sanctioned racial hatred did not arise spontaneously, but is the result of deliberate cultivation over the past decades by the PMS political Democrat Left, Academia, the mainstream media, and the Hollywood entertainment elitists.
There is a Leftist cultural stratification based on political correctness. This stratification is creating a backlash where twenty years ago there had been none and everyone was eager to get along. If the people involved in a backlash against the PC culture are racists, does that mean your side pushing endless PC social engineering created them as such when they had not been before?
The only way this will stop is when the left begins paying a steep price for its bigotry and slander and Conservatives begin fighting back.

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