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What should we call Fridays?

Which is it to be for Fridays? Please read the post before voting!

  • Fornication

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  • Frisky

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Jun 2, 2004
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Garland, TX
Word History: The word fornication had a lowly beginning suitable to what has long been the low moral status of the act to which it refers. The Latin word fornix, from which fornicti, the ancestor of fornication, is derived, meant “a vault, an arch.” The term also referred to a vaulted cellar or similar place where prostitutes plied their trade. This sense of fornix in Late Latin yielded the verb fornicr, “to commit fornication,” from which is derived fornicti, “whoredom, fornication.” Our word is first recorded in Middle English about 1303.


Energetic, lively, and playful: a frisky kitten.
Frisky friday sounds good to me. do to vacation it will be up to the brotherhood of Dikheads to pick up my responsibilities of Friday posts. However I will hopefully have some homemade frisky pics to add when i get back from Hawaii. Eye candy should be good on the beach
Don't worry, we're electing Resident Bitch to take care of it. He seems to have a stash of his own. We trust he will do a good job in your absence. Enjoy your Hawaii vacation and represent us well. Ah ah
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