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What REALLY happened in the Zimmerman trial


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Feb 5, 2011
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The prosecution actually had no intention of winning the case. Recall that the cops initially didn't want to charge Zimmerman with ANYTHING.

The ONLY reason the state filed charges at all is because the state wanted to avoid the perception that it was racist in an attempt to avoid backlash from the Black community. THAT'S IT. State prosecutors, local DAs, and cops are all in the SAME BOAT. If a cop doesn't want to charge Zimmerman, then the state doesn't either.

Hence, the prosecution went ahead w/the charges for purely diplomatic reasons, dragging poor Zimmerman into the process, and then deliberately blew the case, putting on the stand a "key" witness that it knew had no credibility (and was likely even coached to play dumb).

Despite wasting taxpayer money on a stupid trial, the prosecution's tactic apparently worked, as there were no riots following the verdict, whereas there might have been had no charges been filed at all.
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