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What do you expect from the President?


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Dec 7, 2009
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Simple question for the DPers here. When a President gets elected, what do you expect from him and what do you believe his duties and responsibilities to be?
Simple question for the DPers here. When a President gets elected, what do you expect from him and what do you believe his duties and responsibilities to be?

I expect him to uphold the constitution, respect the rule of law, and act with the best interests of the country and the American people in mind.

The current president obviously puts global interests and the interests of his party/agenda, ahead of everything else. His handling of BP shows he has no respect for the rule of law, his endorsement of the bill that passed congress yesterday shows he has no respect for the constitution, and his passing of the government health care bill demonstrates he puts his progressive agenda ahead of the financial well being of the country.

There are many, many more examples I could present, but these make my point. And just think, he's only been in office for a year and a half.

I expect him to love this country and to protect it like you would your own child!
To do what is best for the country to the best of his/her abilities.
Its about being the most professional man in the USA. I expect them to rule the country to the extent of the powers they are endowed with. Unfortunately the things a president does or decides are not completely comprehensible to average people. I think youre average joe will go insane if he sat down and chatted with the president about the decision he makes, they'd have to pat him on the back and lead him out the door to go babble outside. Since his election Obama has been the most threatened president in history (CNN at some point said that). I dont expect people to get the president, not even Bush, I dont think he was the brightest bulb but he had a vantage point for much of his life, unfortunately I personally believe he was intellectually a dull knife not capable of truly leading. I like Obama, however tactfully approaching ruling the american people when they are increasingly divided as elections pass, when the right has segregated itself to its own news tv station, etc. Its a harder job than it was a few years ago. Bush was an invalid president... half the country still believes in Obama pretty much (I dont know the exact numbers atm I dont particularly care to look) but thats to be literally expected, political science has found that politics are increasingly polarised in the US as time goes by. He's our president atm. People can sit back, foam at the mouth and deal with it, just like they can deal with a false war, the crippled economy, and the debt and destroyed reputation the last administration left us to inherit.
Before this thread gets too many posts about our current President Obama, I'm wanting to know what the forumites expect from any President who gets voted into office. I just wanted to clarify the spirit of the original post before this thread winds up being about only the good or bad about Obama, or for that matter any particular President. There are already enough threads about those topics. I am more interested to know what the people on this forum expect from any person who is raised to be President of the United States, no matter who it is.
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