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What About Alaska



Alaska Would Be More at Home in Russia


Sell Alaska to Russia? Damn what a heck!!! Has the US come down that low that is ready to trade its territories? St. Pearlstein says it's economically sound but wait do we measure everything from financial viewpoint. Does he and other highbrows not really realize that the US - proudly a single super-state in the world - is now in the pillory? Does Mr Pearlstein not really follow the course? We were f'cked up there in the Central Asia and kicked out from the region where America was dominating since long ago! Was it not really enough? Do we want more? Now, sell Alaska and what? I wonder. Did Mr. Pearlstein know that Alaska is a key strategic area - Pacific military bases and ABM systems deployed there to deter potential aggressors like China and North Korea. We sell Alaska and kiss off Pacific dominance. Mind this.
I think he was being facetious. Russia certainly doesn't have a trillion dollars to buy Alaska, and they're going to have enough trouble hanging on to Siberia in the coming decades.

It might be a good idea to revoke Alaska's statehood (which might require a constitutional amendment), and/or let it be some kind of autonomous protectorate of the United States. This would be better for Alaska for the reasons the writer mentions (it would let Alaskans run their economy as they want to, rather than as Washington wants them to). It would also be better for the United States for the reason the writer mentions (if Alaskan representatives want to spend money frivolously, they can spend their OWN constituents' money).
Alaska is cool, and there are so many other states that should be sold first.
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