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Western Propaganda in WWIV.


May 30, 2005
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Rochester, Kent UK
First i must justify the title a bit. I think it was **** Cheney who said that the war on terror is world war 4 if world war 3 was the cold war. He said it would be like another cold war with hot flashes every now and then. I think it was Cheney...

Anyway, the purpose of this post is to voice my opinion on the way the war on terror is presented. I will mention a couple of brief points.

1. The war on terror is a republican policy to be re-elected out of the peoples fear of losing security and as a way for Bush to win wars. This is an idea stolen from Michael Moore (sorry) but it is a valid argument. The republicans lost the election to Clinton when there was no war then when it becomes more evident Bush is elected.

2. Why are muslims seen as suicide bombers? Western ideas/ prpoaganda.
Are muslims suicide bombers? No.
Has your government and media lied. Yes.

The idea of muslims being suicide bombers is a rather unfair pressumption. The sunni muslims (90% of muslims) are mainly peaceful and will defend Islam, not attack.
The Shia muslims however have more suicidal tendencies because of some of their teachings. This of course is not mainstream Shia. Only the extrewmists.

It just goes to show what the media does, it blows the truth out of proportion for capitalist power and wealth.
Me thinks your gonna shyt a brick when Hillary gets the Democratic nomination with a centrist platform, just like her husband.

Even he told Left Wing Nuts to shut the fawk up, aka Sistah Souljah.

Where will be your "republican" excuse then.

<-- worked to undermine Kerry in 2004, helping Hillary in 2006/2008.

Gamago, I think it's incredibly awesome that you found a way around the profanity filter. Please refrain from using the "F-word" all the same. Thank you and have a nice day.
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