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Well, on July 1, as usual, the uniform national exams started in our Georgia



Well, on July 1, as usual, the uniform national exams started in our Georgia. And according to recent statement of our Education Minister, D. Shashkin even prisoners, passed these exams successfully, will be released in order to be able to go to local colleges! Moreover, nobody knows what effect will have the gravity of their crimes on the possibility of their free pardon now! What’s the big idea?
To all seeming D. Shashkin cast his mind back when he held the post of Police and Corrections Minister and decided to offer these lucky prisoners to enroll in higher education establishments of our Ministry of Interior in order then to recruit special tasks units from them for “disrupting unofficial meetings and protest processions, as well as, suppression of anti-state activity of all those, who were bribed by so-called external forces”. Good plan for our police government, named “Democratic Republic of Georgia”, isn’t it?
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