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Welcome to The Loft​

Spirited debate and passionate arguments supporting ones views or points, or countering those of others, is the cornerstone of Debate Politics. It is the reason the forum was created, to foster an atmosphere where political ideas and beliefs could be presented and contested in a civil but lively manner. It is this kind of debate that is and will always be the focus and main purpose of Debate Politics.

Despite this focus we have found over time that locations that allow for other avenues of participation can be beneficial to the forum. For example, the basement provides a place for members to behave in less civil ways, focusing more on smack and humor than on debate. Similarly, it has become apparent that having a location designed to avoid the confrontational atmosphere inherently needed for spirited debate would also be beneficial.

Thus we have created The Loft. Much like the Basement may be the dark place you go when dealing with things best kept unseen, the Loft is the place one goes to relax with friends in a comfortable setting of shooting the breeze and discussing controversial issues as equals not adversaries. This location is focused more on discussion and dialogs rather than debate and disagreements. In The Loft, one should not only put forward an extremely civil attitude but also a non-confrontational/non-aggressive one as well. This area is slightly more formal and more cooperative in nature, focusing more on the content then proving who’s right or wrong.

To facilitate the atmosphere we are striving for there are a set of guidelines for The Loft that go alongside the standard Debate Politics rules. However, the standard rules will not be enforced at any kind of higher standard in this forum in regards to points. Information about these guidelines can be found HERE.

Access to The Loft is tied to donations as a perk for those that help monetarily support Debate Politics. Members with an active donation placard above their username will be able to fully access this section. While others will not be able to post, all members and guests will be able to view the interesting dialog that occurs within the forum.

We hope you enjoy this new section of Debate Politics and come to make it a lively addition to our community.
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A huge thanks to the original loungers who helped with the creation of this new area!
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