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Week One testimony scores 1 for Zimmerman, helps on others, state struggles


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When it comes to the many hotly contested issues surrounding George Zimmerman's version of events on the night he shot and killed Trayvon Martin, it appears that the testimony given last week by 6 of the the people who witnessed the confrontation, has managed to put at least one of those issues to bed. According to Zimmerman he was confronted and physically attacked by Martin at a place between 2 rows of townhomes where 2 sidewalks intersect, that people refer to as the "T". He claims he was hit in the face by a surprise punch thrown by Martin that resulted in a broken nose. From there he claims the confrontation quickly shifted south 40-50 feet where he ended up pinned on the ground by Martin, enduring a continuing array of punches to the face and head, along with the back of his head being slammed down several times on the sidewalk under him. When his cries for help went unanswered, and Martin continued his relentless attack showing no signs it would would be ending anytime soon, Zimmerman decided that lethal force was the only option he had left... So he removed his pistol from it's holster and shot him one time to the chest.

Nearly every claim he made from the time he first spotted Martin and called police, to his daily routine in the weeks and months that followed, has been met with some level of doubt. The most important questions involving this incident that have not been resolved, could directly effect whether Zimmerman is found guilty of a crime or cleared of any criminal wrong doing. Those unresolved question are

1. The location where their confrontation began?
2. Who initialized the physical contact/was the aggressor?
3. Who was on top of the other and in control, before, during and after Zimmerman fired the gun?
4. Who was the person in distress and pain, who screamed dozens of times for someone to help him

The answer to each of those question could decide George Zimmerman's fate, and the only way to obtain most of them is through eye witness testimony. The one issue that seems to have been resolved due to their testimony, was the location where the confrontation began.


There are other issues that seem a little less fuzzy due to last weeks testimony, which I will touch on later.
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