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We Assume the Media Speaks With Authority


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Oct 15, 2005
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This piece of was not written by a politician but by
(quote) Maralyn Lois Polak: a Philadelphia-based journalist, screenwriter, essayist, novelist, editor, spoken-word artist, performance poet and occasional radio personality.
(buy the book!! LOL)

In the end she is just trying to sell a book ( yes, really) but please note the language she uses (apart from the subject) and wonder what trauma made this poor lady so hateful and bitter in general:

"So singer Melissa Etheridge's currently making the TV chat-show rounds extolling the joys of "getting healthy" via what she calls "medicinal marijuana." Like any recent convert, she's utterly convinced, a classic True Believer on the Proselytizing Trail: "I decided to go the natural route," she proclaims to some rapt television talking head, maintaining even oncologists agree pot's the best remedy for chemo pain. And because we're sympathetic with anyone surviving the Big C, we assume she speaks with authority".

It goes on and on.

Etheridge used marijuana for a specific goal – Goal achieved.

Who are you again, ms “occasional radio personality” ?


It's an ill-informed piece of writing that seems to have no reason to exist other than to make snide digs at the idea of medicinal cannabis and cannabis-users in general. Oh, and to justify the fact that this "journalist, screenwriter, essayist, novelist, editor, spoken-word artist, performance poet and occasional radio personality" receives a paycheck for slapping out some words every month, naturally.

Polak offers no evidence or even arguments. Her case against the well-documented fact that cannabis is one of the least harmful substances that humans are known to consume is... (wait for it): "Suuuuuuuuuuure"

Note the letter 'u' is used 11 times. That's one hell of a convincing argument. Where you a professional debater at any point, Ms. Polak?

In a way, I take a little comfort from such worthless bits of non-journalism. They really are running out of arguments when they have to print dross like this.

For instance, Polak dismisses the opinions of Ethelridge's doctors with her own advanced medical knowledge (as demonstrated with "suuuuuuuuuuure"). She offers instead a 'cautionary tale' of some guy she knows who smoked so much weed that his wife left him and he tried to kill himself. She also probably knows that guy who thought he could fly on acid and jumped off a building (tip: don't take drugs around Ms. Polack, or you may want to kill yourself).

The denoument of her Tale of the Unexpected is that 'Chazz' wakes from a long coma, is prescribed medicinal cannabis by the state and is now a very happy guy.

Um, I'm missing the point of the story. Oh well, perhaps weed has just made me stupid...

(from the article): "I can say, after much observation of recreational marijuana users: Geez, pot seems to make some people really stupid. They get the giggles, then the munchies, and finally they fall asleep in their chair."

Ah. Ha. Ha. Ha. That's so funny and perceptive and is clearly based on your real life experience. Mind if we make a few statements about you, based on observation of your writing and thinking ability?

More trouble than it's worth, really...

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