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WBZ freedom of speech do you get WBZ?? 1030am


Jan 14, 2005
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WBZ like debatepolitics has freedom of speech however they are only on from 8pm to 5am !!

You can hear me on their a lot some time I agree a lot of time I don't agree
I'm trying to give A plug for debate politics when I get on the air by saying I write BLOGS / FORUMS on debate politics and my name is FREEDOM69 please check it out

WRKO I have been band from however on weekends because the producer do not no me has well I do get on !!.

However my voice is very distinctive and I try to fake it but after awhile they catch ON !!

Like this morning they were talking about the COMMIE ??? protesters who demonstrate the war while the war is still going on A Marine call in and said he did not like it / that

So of course I called and I said the Marine should go back and read the Constitution YOU KNOW the one he is fighting for !!!!!! Of course because he could not beat my POINT of view and because he knew my voice HE CUT Me OFF ??

FREEDOM OF SPEECH????????????????????????????????????????????????????

"""""""ya!!! right""""

It's hard to type with your LEFT hand I had carpal tunnel surgery on my right this is one reason BOLD AND underline is so hard
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