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Wartime photos of American nurse found in Amherst making their way home

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Mar 7, 2018
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From Saltwire

Exactly how treasured mementos from an American nurse who served on the front lines in the Second World War ended up in an ammunition tin in Amherst will likely always remain a mystery.

But after a four-year international investigation, her identity and the whereabouts of her descendants are no longer part of that mystery. And now, registered nurse Lt. Catherine Wells’ once lost treasured wartime photos and souvenirs will be home with the son she barely knew.

The discovery​

In 2018, Debbie Burke and her husband were cleaning out the massive 13-room house where her father, Ivan Estabrooks, lived. He had just passed away and she was going through the items in her father’s war room. It’s a place she wasn’t allowed to enter when he was alive.

“Nobody was allowed in his war room,” Burke said. “It was one of the bedrooms and he had nothing but war stuff in there.”


Sometimes people do actually go out of their way to benefit other people that they had never heard of before.​
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