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Views of the current pope


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Jun 24, 2005
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Here's a video from youtube. I warn you , if your offended by swearing, it's not for you. However, the swearing is core to the message here.

The question thus becomes, which is more offensive, the pope or this video. Of course, one expects you to see at least the first 40 seconds before any comment is made.

While my bias in the matter is obvious, it should be noted that the writer and singer are both theists.
I will admit that the whole catholic child abuse thing is not an issue that I pay that much attention to as I tend to shy away from overly heated emotional debates as the truth ends up far away in those kinds of cases. (Global warming would be another example). However, I do tend to be a little nervous about the Catholic Church's idea that they are special and don't necessarily have to adhere to the same rules as others. That kind of thinking never ends well.
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