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Video proves Trump supporters are RACIST NAZIS

These interviews of Trump supporters show just how racist, prejudiced, homophobic, and even anti-semitic Donald Trump supporters are.


You can't be serious. What is this grade school?

You send a guy out to provoke racist responses and offer that as "proof" that every single Trump supporter on the planet is a racist. What you have proven is you are desperate racist yourself for not seeing the obvious baiting.

What you are trying to do is dishonest.

And since when did 99% of black people", not just men, but all "black people", men and women, all go to jail? That's an outright lie.
And the DP Award for the quickest Godwin goes to.......BigHandsJackson who achieved this feat on his very first post here ever.:applaud

Let's see if their posts get better or worse from this first one.
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