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Video: Audience at a debate, smacks down League of Women Voters


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Jul 29, 2009
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America is fed up with the liberal crusade against the traditions of the the United States, and sent that message loud and clear to the League of Women Voters...

Enjoy ladies and gentlemen... Enjoy.

Just thought I'd add this to the thread, from theBlaze.com:

Ms. Tate-Bradish reportedly scolded the crowd after the pledge ended, blaming the outburst on the Republican candidate. The LWV executive director, Jan Czarnik, also condemned the Pledge’s recitation, telling the local news, “It’s a phony patriotism issue is what it is,” she said. “[Republicans] must think it helps their campaign.”

Both LWV have been active members of the progressive movement. Ms. Tate-Bradish was an active supporter of Barack Obama’s presidential campaign and even hosted campaign events for the then-Senator in her own home.

Ms. Czarnik is a former ACORN Project Vote worker and has been involved in the progressive People for the American Way, but as blogger Jeff Dunetz notes, these former affiliations would surely in no way lead her to unfairly criticize a Republican candidate, right?

It's phony patriotism to recite the pledge... That's a progressive for you.
Grim, I hate to break it to you (well not really), the Pledge Of Allegiance was written by Christian Socialist - Francis Bellamy. Do you think he belongs on Glenn Beck's blackboard? :2razz:

Pledge of Allegiance - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
I, as a conservative, have no problem with the author's stance. He clearly did something good for america and believe everyone should recite it proudly.

I guess it pokes a hole in your "all conservatives are beck-ites" right?
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