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US fears Putin's secret girlfriend (1 Viewer)


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Jul 28, 2020
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Alina Kabayeva escapes US sanctions. The Wall Street Journal reports that fears are too great for Vladimir Putin's reaction.

Russian activist Georgy Alburov writes on twitter:
"if after all the war crimes in Ukraine, foreign governments are still afraid to make Putin angry, then he really does have the right to continue wiping his feet all over the world and pouring rivers of blood."

In that picture, she looks a bit like Melania......just sayin'
It's still a very real issue to navigate the issue of nuclear war. It's a major risk. We have the top Russian official for this directly threatening nuclear war, they have 6,000 warheads, and its obvious Putin has no scruples about using them. There is a real chance of it, as he fears losing power, which to him means likely losing his life, which seems to be why he started this war in the first place in a 'wag the dog' move to keep power.

It's up to our intelligence agencies to evaluate him and the risk. If they determine that the serious sanctions destroying Russia's economy and providing Ukraine weapons that defeat Putin are ok, but that sanctions on a girlfriend that won't have a real effect on the war but could cause Putin to react wildly are better not to do, I'm ok with that as much as I'd like to see every measure against Putin.

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