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US conducted 231 'offensive cyberoperations': report


Mar 13, 2011
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US conducted 231 'offensive cyberoperations': report

US spy services conducted 231 "offensivecyberoperations" in 2011, mostly targeting Iran, Russia, China and NorthKorea, the Washington Post reported on Saturday.

The revelation is based on a classifiedintelligence budget provided to the paper by fugitive leaker Edward Snowden, aswell as on interviews with former US officials.

US conducted 231 'offensive cyberoperations': report

US can difinite the word "war" at his will and quit from it if he himself offended the difinition.

The White House and Pentagon Deem Cyber-Attacks "An Act of War"
Last weeks New York Times bombshell article byDavid Sanger claimed that President Obama secretly ordered the cyber-attacks onthe computer systems that run Iran’s main nuclear enrichment facilities. Thestory tells of a significantly expanding American involvement in the sustaineduse of so called cyber-weapons againstother nations using the “Stuxnet“ software. The story has caused quite theuproar. But what was missing from the story is something far more interesting,according to both The White House and Pentagon’s own definitions, acyber-attack is to be considered “An act of war.” So by it’s own definition,are we at war?

This is all just fun and games for these spy nerds. Including what they do to US!

May Allah strike them down...
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