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Update: initial report on mine survivors false

Trajan Octavian Titus

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Aug 17, 2005
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We can't stop here this is bat country!
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Wow I can't believe what's happened as it turns out the minors were found but only one survived the initial story broke that all 12 minors survived but now it turns out that only 1 survived this is ****ed up.
Wow, that is a huge mistake. From what I hear it's being called a "miscommunication." Damn, that's such a shame, I was so happy to hear that they had survived, as I'm sure we all were. I can't even imagine what those families are going through right now.
How in the world could they make a mistake like that? The one that did survive is in critical condition, but tested negative for carbon monoxide poisioning. I wonder what the nature of his illness is? I would say hypothermia is a factor. I hope he makes it. I feel so sorry for those family members ecspecially sense they got false information. They got their hopes up. Everybody got out of bed to celebrate and then they found out differently.:(
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Yeah, I had the tv on last night when they broke in live and said all the miners were found alive. All the people were running around excited and happy and my heartfelt joy was with them all. Then I woke up this morning to hear the devastating truth and that was a real downer. I know those people are simply crushed, because although they hoped for the best, they knew in reality, things didn't look good with each passing hour those men were trapped underground. Then to have their wishes and hopes fulfilled only to be quashed later has to be an emotional drain. My best to all concerned. :(
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