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Ukranian News Preferable to US News?


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Aug 23, 2005
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My father works at Con Edision in Brooklyn. He actually has a very diverse work group and someone who he was working with was a guy from the Ukraine. One night, while working late because of the heat wave, this guy comes up to my Dad and asks him what he thinks of the US media. My Dad told him that he thought they were slanted ( not saying I agree with him) but he did watch CNN. The Ukranian guy said that he had to watch Ukranian news to find out whats going on in the world because. according to him (once again I'm paraphrasing as I got this information second hand) "All the news in America talks about is people getting killed in Los Angeles and Celebrity marriages."

Now, I might as well just say here and now that I don't believe the news media is slanted to any political affiliation. I believe that news stations exist to make money, as any other corporation would, which is sad but there you have it. But with that aside, I think that is an interesting comment that Ukranian guy made. I myself watch both CNN and BBC news (BBC news most if I can) and I find that BBC talks a lot more about global issues rather then things that are going on particularily in their own country. Unless this is just a BBC thing (which I doubt) I think that it could partially explain why most americans are so misinformed or otherwise assuming. I'm not saying this is a definate explanation but I find it extremely interesting. Any thoughts?

Yeah, I agree with you on the slant of the US news. CNN and Fox might try to differentiate their products to attract different types of viewers, but its not always liberal slant vs. conservative slant as some make it out to be.

I'm not sure if the BCC has an international version. Maybe they cover more domestic issues when they are in the UK. Anyway, they're good to watch for information regarding all sorts of world events. I strongly believe that its important to get news from several different sources. I watch CNN and Fox for the animated graphics - they're awesome :lol: .

I terms of the last question you posed, I'm not sure Americans are uninformed compared to other countries. I think that sometimes "lighter news" is easier to take. It's more one-dimentional, easier to understand. Sometimes people want that. Even I tuned in to see the Michael Jackson verdict.

I've never watched the Ukrainian media, although I did follow their recent election. I'm sure it'd be very interesting, but who can get a traslated version?
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