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Ukrainian Snake Island Border-Guard Member Who Told Off a russian Warship Has Been Released From Captivity, Military Says


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Dec 16, 2021
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This is good news.

This is the guy who told the russian warship to go "F" yourself.

I thought he was killed but he was taken prisoner.

Thankfully he's safe back in Ukraine.

He got a medal for his actions and the Ukraine post office said they will create a stamp with his now famous quote that has inspired thousands of Ukraine civilians and soldiers.

I want a roll of go **** yourself stamps.
The kind of thing our government would never do out of a misguided sense of propriety. We'd just run a parental advisory label.
Always be careful what you hear from old Soviet lands. This includes Ukraine and Russia.

Both of their secret police have the same dad: The KGB.

so because they happen to be on our side, we just close our eyes?

If this is not something close to brainwashing I don't know what it is. If Putin is forming a Z army of cultists, maybe we should pick a letter too and become sheep.

No sorry, my family ran away in the West to enjoy a life of freedom without propaganda.

The story was a fabrication, they surrendered or were captured.
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