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UFOs, cats and laser pointers (1 Viewer)


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Jul 27, 2018
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Vacaville, CA
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UFOs remind me of those videos in which cats pursue a dot projected by a laser pointer. We are being punked by advanced teenagers in a parallel universe. We are the cats and the UFOs are the dots.

I have never coughed up a hairball
Interesting theory! If true, I have been punked a few times by these advanced teenagers in a parallel universe. :lol:

My experiences with being punked lead to a couple meetings with Dr. J. Allan Hynek, post project Blue Book, when I was about 14, in regards a photo I had taken of an unusual object in the night sky near my hometown in So. Illinois.
Is this supposed to be some disinformation intended to make conspiracy advocates look bad on a conspiracy forum? Society is not governed by market forces, but is planned. It does not unfold at random; that would be chaos and unpredictability. The very notion of economic planning -- widely accepted -- presupposes the existence of a conspiratorial agreement, whether formally publicized or not. Conspiracy theory is not a load of melarchy.

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