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U.S. to target foreign websites in anti-piracy push(Edited)

Jun 25, 2010
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U.S. to target foreign websites in anti-piracy push | Reuters

(Reuters) - The United States will go after foreign websites that pirate American music and movies as part of a new strategy to stop sales of counterfeit and pirated goods at home and abroad, Vice President Joe Biden said on Tuesday.

"This is theft, clear and simple," Biden said at a meeting with Attorney General Eric Holder, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and other Cabinet officials.

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Hahahaha... trying to take down Foreign websites. That's a good one.

I suggest they check out Pirate Bay's Legal page The Pirate Bay - The world's most resilient bittorrent site they have some of the best responses to things like this.

I may not agree entirely with pirating, but I fully agree to Freedom, especially on the Internet. The Internet is the most amazing thing ever if you ask me, free access to almost unlimited information and entertainment, and the government wants to try to regulate it. I'm pretty sure if they try to pull anything there will be backlash of an unheard of degree. Last thing I want is for US Internet to end up like some twisted version of Chinese and Australian Internet. Government being able to regulate what sites we can go to would make me a sad panda :(
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Australian internet? Hmm..

Yeah. It makes me a sad don't-run-around-with-scissors-badger as well.

If the US wants to license state monopolization of information, it should go about it in a far less draconian way that I think may prove to take more jobs and lose more revenue than the piracy of information is believed to have made.

Sorry for breaking the rules. I didn't realize there would be many.

Good luck on that. A typical moronic attempt by people who dont understand what the problem is. Bet he wants what Australia are doing.. and then there is no point in the Internet.

Copyright laws need to be redone as they are the ones causing the problems in the first place. Most piracy is because people cant get access to their favourite tv-show or movie on the day it comes out. If I could see my shows on Hulu or similar, then I would have no reason to download or viewing the show illegally. No way in hell I am willing to wait months or years for the shows I like to come on local TV, when I can get them the day after on the net. As for movies... it is purely the industries own fault. Their carving up in regions (for DVD) is hurting them far more than anything else. The first region to almost ALWAYS to get DVDs first is Russia for peak sake, the pirate capital of the planet.. so what do you freaking expect?

As for music, no reason any more to pirate music since you can get it for free legally many places or at a low cost. I suspect that pirating music has gone down considerably over the last years.. for one I dont nearly see as much out there on the net as I did 5 years ago.

So we are back to the copyright laws prevent the freedom of movement on intellectual rights across borders based on ancient ideas and conditions that do not exist any more. Copyright laws have not changed for 50+ years, and back then.. there was no internet which has no freaking borders (unless countries do like China and Australia and put in a grand firewall to filter traffic they deem questionable).
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