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U.S. officials spy on activists across the political spectrum (1 Viewer)

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The majority of the groups and individuals targeted would likely be considered of the political left — particularly if you categorize anti-war activists in those terms. But that seems to be largely a function of the dominance of the federal government by the Republican Bush administration over most of those years. Surveillance continues under the Democratic Obama administration, with the political right targeted by Fusion Center documents like the one above, and in DHS reports on “right-wing extremism.” Muslims are still a popular target, and environmentalists remain on the government’s radar. (Anti-war activists would probably continue to draw attention if the peace movement hadn’t faded with the change of presidents.)

For most people, this doesnt concern them as long as the government punks, ******s and thugs target the people they hate. Will there ever be a stop to this?...In my cynical opinion...No because the punks in power will use the punks in jackboots to keep their opposition at bay. Its not politically acceptable to defend the rights of all not just the rights of your team.

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No matter who is doing this, it sucks. I don't think its ever going to stop. :S

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