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U.S. interest in Far East affects Russia´s regional policy.


Nov 17, 2009
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Russia, Moscow
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In the article published in Russian “Novaya Gazeta” newspaper is considered the issue of influence the US activity in the Far East on Russia´s regional policy.

At first sight, the U.S. interest in the Far East is beneficial for Russia. The participation of American business in the Far East infrastructure development would help address many social and economic issues. But Washington’s Far East policy may also have a negative impact on Moscow.

First, the plan to weaken Russia’s control over the Far East has already been repeatedly discussed in the United States. Of course, this is not the official U.S. position, but it gives Russia enough food for thought.

Second, Russia and the United States have a number of potential territorial conflicts. Moscow has not ratified the Washington Agreement (1990) on the transfer of the disputed sector of the Bering Sea.

Third, American investment would require Russia to deeply integrate in the APEC. But the strategic purpose of this forum is to establish free trade in the Pacific Ocean by 2020.

Finally, the current U.S. economic policy in the Far East may alert China leaders. Beijing may consider options for countering the U.S. strategy in this region. This could jeopardize the Russian-Chinese treaty of 2001 and the border agreements between Russia and China.

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