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Tweeking Social Security with Private Accounts is American


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Apr 13, 2005
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Dallas, Texas
I don't by any means think adding private accounts to social security is a fix all but it has major benefits to the American worker and our families. I make allot of money as a full time banker, I also go to school full time. I work very hard and long hours, why is it that I can't have a small percentage of the money I pay toward social security go to my own account that will eventually lead to me not needing to be included into the general social security system. The general fund is for those that have had it hard or just screwed off to insure they don't become a leech on the public at large. I also think for people like my parents who have worked hard and saved wisely and don't need social security should have the ability to opt out of the system and in return get special tax breaks on their own investments. The first thing some one will say is your robbing peter to pay Paul, not so, every dollar the government collects means man power has to process it so with that in mind every $1,000 they collect at the end of the day less than half is actually usable for other programs. So instead of paying my parents a $2000 a month for their fair share of benefits they can give a tax cut that in the long run will save the government money and will be able to send the money that was supposed to go to my parents on to someone else that is in greater need. You may think well that makes sense for a few people but not the majority. Well it could if a percentage of the money we already pay was placed in our own account and in the long run it would make more of us less Dependant on social security. Lets face it there won't be enough for everyone so we need to start doing something now!
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